Building the better workplace
Ready to supercharge your workforce? We can help!

Our simple, inexpensive, cloud-based application helps you:
  • Motivate employees to reach their maximum potential
  • Coordinate teams to work from the same playbook
  • Recognize and reward talent, keep morale high
  • Create a positive, supportive work culture

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How businesses use Talentopia...

  • Small to medium business without dedicated HR, looking for an easy, inexpensive way to manage performance.
  • Larger organization with existing HR team that does not have time to focus on employee motivation and retention.
  • Forward-thinking manager looking to replace or enhance formal performance review processes with a fresh, social approach that people are eager to use.
  • Executive who is concerned about company dynamics and wants to initiate an ongoing improvement cycle.
  • Team leader who wants to increase the level of enthusiasm on a project by offering incentives for excellent work.
  • Consultant who needs a tool that is easy to use for one-time assessments, and can also be recommended as a leave-behind.
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