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Employee engagement is at the heart of successful companies – are you ready to take it to the next level?

A culture of excellence does not just happen. To create one, you must first foster a culture of engagement and recognition. Smart leaders know it's their people who are the lifeblood of an organization, and asking them to commit to the company vision requires letting them know you value them. Your employees want to give you everything they've got. They want to love working for you. They want to make great things happen. In other words, they want to be engaged! Talentopia helps make that happen.

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Feature Summary:

  • Easy setup: Get started in minutes without techies or training. Intuitive, social, customizable layout.
  • Feedback: Support mutual encouragement and coaching. From easy, ad hoc to formal, structured 360.
  • Recognition: Bring fun and positivity to the work environment with pre-built or custom badges.
  • Goals: Create social, shared goals for the company or teams. Also private goals for individuals.
  • Rewards: Allow top contributors to earn real rewards via a points system. Like a frequent flyer program.
  • Analytics: Get insight into the dynamics of the organization with customizable reports.
  • Integration: Merge with existing systems and processes with easy data import and export.
  • Automation: Schedule common tasks to repeat automatically. Get reports delivered directly to your inbox.

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