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Quick, Simple, Intuitive

Unlike complicated and expensive "platforms" that have a plug-in for performance management, this is all we do, and we do it well! We have made Talentopia extremely easy to administer and use. With our beautiful, intuitive, activity stream-based design, users will "just get it" without any training.

Here are a few of the benefits of signing up with Talentopia:
  • Private network with dedicated URL and customized look and feel.
  • Easy setup, import, and administration of users.
  • You can subdivide your organization into teams (groups of users), each with its own activity feed and security settings.
  • No geeks required! We do the hosting, your data is kept safe and secure.
  • For as little as a dollar a day, you get an impressive amount of features and functionality.


Feedback is an essential ingredient for success, and a great way to get teams communicating more effectively. We make it easy, pain-free, and fair for everyone involved:
  • Ask coworkers for their opinion on just about anything – projects, documents, events, ideas, policies, and so on.
  • Use one of our simple, pre-built feedback types (thumbs up/down, 1-5 stars, etc.), or create your own custom forms.
  • Designate feedback as private – just for you – or visible to others in the company.
  • Allow responses to be anonymous if appropriate.
  • Email notification lets people respond with a single click.
  • Schedule request to be sent later, or on a recurring basis, such as after weekly status meeting.
  • Attach files for additional context, and tags for easy lookup later.
  • Associate with goals for the possibility of winning rewards.


Give credit where credit is due. And not just at review time, but every day. When top performers see that their hard work is recognized, they are motivated to continue doing it. And the performance bar is raised so that everyone tries harder. We make recognition simple and easy...
  • Give a virtual "pat on the back" to a coworker or a team, letting everyone know about their hard work or a special accomplishment.
  • Award a badge to a coworker. Choose from our library (Ninja, Slugger, and many more), or create your own from an image that you upload.
  • Act as a mentor by giving more personal, constructive feedback to coworkers, helping them with their professional development.
  • Email notification lets people know as soon as they have been recognized. It also shows up in users' activity streams.
  • Associate recognition with goals to help deserving colleagues win valuable rewards.


Goals are of paramount importance in any work setting, providing people with clear markers to strive toward in the pursuit of success. We make it easy to establish, track, and manage goals.
  • Managers can set shared, "social" goals that apply to the entire company, or to a specific team.
  • Individuals can set goals for themselves, which can be private, or visible to the rest of the company.
  • Advisors can set individual goals for their team members.
  • A goal can be something very concrete, i.e. "increase sales by 10% in Q4", or more abstract, such as "always make the customer happy".
  • Goals are defined with a priority setting. High priority goals are displayed prominently throughout the app, keeping them top of mind.
  • Users are notified when goals start and end, by email and in their activity streams.
  • You can attach valuable rewards to a goal, providing extra motivation to people to do their part in reaching it.


"Rewards" – possibly the most motivating word in the business world! With Talentopia, you can offer tangible incentives, bringing out the competitive instinct that lurks inside everyone:
  • Rewards are an optional element of goals, so that there is a clear link between stated objectives and corresponding benefits.
  • Managers can offer whatever rewards they deem appropriate. Examples are gift certificates, experiences, time off from work, or cash bonuses.
  • Talentopia does not dictate what the rewards are, nor do we buy or sell them. Our role is to help you manage the process.
  • A goal can have any number of rewards associated with it. As users receive feedback linked to the goal, they earn points. Rewards are distributed according to whoever has the most rewards when the goal ends.
  • To ensure a level playing field, there are several company-customizable rules that prevent people from gaining an unfair advantage toward winning rewards. For example, there is a maximum number of points that any user can earn per day.

And Much More!

This tour page has given you a glimpse of our main features. There are many more details we would love to show you, but the best way to see them is to discover them for yourself... so why not try a no-risk trial right now? You can get started on your own from our self service sign-up page. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown of some of the additional features contained in Talentopia:
  • With our Analytics, you can gain actionable insight into work performance – your own, that of someone you manage, or aggregated for a team or the entire company. Slice and dice your feedback in many ways, view it graphically, and export it to your favorite number crunching tool.
  • Users can subscribe via email to regular reports containing Analytics output.
  • Larger organizations can support standardized policies and procedures by generating requests for feedback across multiple teams, all following a similar format.
  • Notification rules let managers determine when they would like to be notified by email – for example, between particular individuals, or with given tags.

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